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Radio Sentinel is dedicated to the cause of Jesus-Christ in the proclamation of salvation, the education of believers and the service of the neighbor. It fulfills this submission to the word of God according to the power of the holy spirit, to the glory of the Lord. You have the opportunity on this station to listen to the best haitian music, talk show, news and more thank you for visiting this website i can wait to see you again!

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What Is God Doing?

It’s sometimes really hard to see what you aren’t looking for. When it comes to our spiritual lives, God is always working, communicating, or moving in our lives. Unfortunately, if we aren’t actively looking for it, we may miss what He’s doing altogether. Over the next five days, we’ll start unlocking the keys to seeing what God is up to in our midst.

Start Here | First Steps With Jesus

If you’re new to Jesus, new to the Bible, or helping a friend who is – Start Here. For the next 15 days, these 5-minute audio guides will walk you step-by-step through two fundamental Bible books: Mark and Colossians. Track Jesus’ story and discover the basics of following Him, with daily questions for individual reflection or group discussion. Follow once to get started, then invite a friend and follow again!